Friday, June 21, 2013

Nguruman bus crash

By Emmanuel Kimeu

The only bus plying Nguruman-Magadi-Kiserian route was this morning involved in  an accident in corner Maziwa along Magadi Kiserian road just past Kisames shopping centre. The bus was heading to Kiserian, a town in the outskirts of  Kenyas capital Nairobi. Sources close to NCV informed that, no casualties were reported although sores of people were injured including the driver and his assistants.

Ostrich bus after the accident
Photo by Harun Wanyondu
The murram road from Magadi  to Nguruman was adversely affected by the flash floods during the April-may rains which left most parts of the roads partially passable. The state of the road has discouraged many Matatu owners  and other investors who fear to incur high cost of maintaining their vehicles and therefore opt to keep off the route leaving the only bus 'Ostrich' to enjoy monopoly in the route.

Despite Nguruman being very productive, its roads are in a sorry state and this has been a loop hole for the exporters to buy produce from farmers at low prices. NCV urges the concerned leaders to take action and ensure that the roads are repaired so as to attract more investors and ease transport challenges for residents living in Nguruman, Olkiramatian and its environs.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Plane crash leaves four injured at Ewaso airstrip, Nguruman.

By Kelvin Koinet

A 5y-BPL six passenger plane crashed today at Ewaso airstrip at 13:37 hrs and left all the three passengers and the pilot seriously injured. The plane just arrived to Ewaso airstrip at Oltaraja-Olkiramatian, from Wilson airport and was leaving for Oldonyo Olaro limited a few kilometres eastern of the camp.

Oldonyo Olaro limited is a private company that runs Oldonyo Olaro ranch bordering Olkiramatian, Shompole and Loita group ranches. The company has a tourist camp at Oltaraja within Olkiramatian group ranch along Ewaso ngiro south river.

Some of the staff that came to Ewaso camp yesterday were to be airlifted to Oldonyo Olaro. The plane arrived at the airstrip at around one O’clock to pick the staff members.

When Nguruman community voices (NCV) arrived at Entasopia Health centre where the casualties were rushed some eleven kilometres from the scene, two of them were on drip. The pilot was not able to talk to us due to serious injuries and pain.

One of the injured passengers awaiting to be transferred to Nairobi.
Photo-Kelvin Koi

‘We started taking off. ….and within a minute…….when we had gone up about five meters, I heard a big thud of the plane hitting the ground’ John,  a consultant manager explained in deep pain of his injured arm.
‘When I looked out I saw the left wing of the plane had broken off….after a short while, I found myself struggling to get out of the completely damaged plane.’
A police officer from Oldonyo Olaro who sought anonymity said, the cause of the crash was not clear but... 'We presume that it might have been caused by bad weather'. he said. 
A rescue plane send to take the casualties to Nairobi for treatment through Entasopia airstrip was unable to land due to the state of airstrip. The airstrip has overgrown  prosopis julifora a shrub with sharp and hard thorns commonly known as ‘Mathenge.’
A section of the airstrip showing 'Mathenge' shrubs
Photo-Kelvin Koinet
It is long time now since the community engaged in a community work. Most of the infrastructure including roads, water channels and the airstrip are in bad conditions. The community is laying the blame on the chiefs and the group ranch leaders for failing to organize the community for community work.

NCV is calling the community and the relevant authorizes to act to bring back the spirit of communal work and maintain the airstrip and the other infrastructure in good condition.