Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A lady with her two daughters suspected to have been poisoned

By Kelvin Koinet.
A lady and her two young daughters were admitted at Entasopia health centre for three days since Friday 26th 10 2012 to Monday 29th 10 2012 last week for stomach complication. It was alleged that they were mistakably poisoned by a woman who wanted to kill her husband, saying he was cheating on her.

The lady reported that the couple from Ilkisongo community in Tanzania has not been in terms for a long time. They had a big quarrel a day before the incident. The woman was heard by neighbors talking at the top of her voice about her ‘unfaithful’ husband. As reported, the woman promised to poison the husband and kill the woman he is moving out with by cutting her with a panga. She said in her angry talk she will then disappear from the place after the killing.  

On Thursday, the lady had gone to herd with her two daughters in Mr. Tolus, their neighbors’ garden where the couple has rented a farm to cultivate. They have been herding there for quite a while since the beginning of the dry season. As reported by Mrs. shung’eya, they were good friends with the Ilkisonko woman and she always give them tea when they go there to herd and she gave them milk whenever they come to ask for. ‘That day we were not given tea’ she said. After asking for the tea that was in a kettle next to the fire place for several times and the woman resisted to give out saying it belongs to the husband, Mrs. Shung’eya offered to give milk to be used to cook some other tea after they drink the first. At last the three took the tea. Another woman passed by and shared the tea.
Two young girls at the Entasopia health centre wards after being admitted.
 They were surffering from stomach complications.
 photo by Kelvin Koinet.

Later when they went home after herding, they started feeling ill. That night, they suffered stomach pain and diarrhea. The three were rushed in a motor bike to Entasopia health centre the following morning where they were admitted.

Lap technicians Joseph Kasio and Mr.Macharia said there has been reported cases of stomach problems but most have bacterial infections. when asked about the family and the other woman, they said nothing have been seen through the microscope available at the centre. They added that machines available at the centre can not detect chemical infections. 

The other woman who shared the tea is said to have suffered stomach pain and diarrhea but has not reported to hospital. Mrs. Shung’eya and many people from the neighborhood beliefs the woman had poisoned the tea for her husband but hit the untargeted.

The suspect was also found fainted near her homestead the same morning when the three were rushed to the health centre. She vomited and diarrhea and suspected to have tried to commit suicide.   

In another story, early Tuesday morning the 23th Oct 2012, a nother lady was caught near her homestead in a neighboring village of Ngomongo attempting to commit suicide. The lady was attempting to take some lethal pesticides. This followed a quarrel with the husband the previous eve for coming home late. The lady accused him of having affairs with another woman. 

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