Tuesday, February 26, 2013


By Joshua Kisemei

Voters in Entasopia town gathered at the only two available video showrooms to witness the proceedings of the second presidential debate.

Entasopia town is located around 140 kilometers south west of Nairobi deep inside Kajiado County. Lack of electricity in this area forces voters to pay video show operators in order to watch news and any other main events in the country.

This Monday however, the video shows that are normally filled with movie fans was crowded with voters who were keen to follow and comment on the responses of the aspirants they support and the other contestants.

The video room was full of life with people starting mini debates that extended into the night long after the official debate has ended. The administration police had to make rounds in the town instructing small and large debate groups to break up and go to sleep late in the night.

The mini debates mostly featured exchanges between supporters of Jubilee alliance and CORD alliance surrounding the topics covered in the debate with each side arguing that their contestant has won the debate and quoting instances that the other contestant refused or was unable to answer questions.
Presidential candidates at the first debate. Photo: Nairobi Wire

It was clear that voters saw Peter Kenneth as the most suitable for the presidency. However they still maintained their hard lined positions with the common reason being that Kenneth should contest in the next general elections.

The video rooms were filled with laughter every time Mohammed Abdul  Dida was called to answer or ask a question. There tremendous roars sparked by the question ‘do you expect a thief to tell you he has stolen?’

Mwalimu Mohammed Dida. Photo: Daily Post

Some of the comments that were exchanged included:
‘There is no guarantee that the next president will not manipulate the land commission if we are having this discussion now’

‘The ministry of lands and the ministry of special programs all had hidden agendas in the deal to purchase land’

‘9 billion error’

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