Saturday, February 23, 2013


By Joshua Kisemei

Kajiado county politics has heated on internet social sites like facebook. Facebook users from the county have created pages for contestants in the main political positions like governor, senator and MP.

One of the most notable group online is the 2012 kajiado county politics which has transformed within the last three months into a debate centre for the major political developments both in the county and nationally
The recent court order nullifying the degree presented by the county’s gubernatorial candidate Mr. Kores is one of the heated topics currently with members suggesting where to vote if IEBC decides to remove their candidate from the race.

Ole Kores, the Gubernatorial candidate for Kajiado County.

Most of the members are from the dominant tribe in the county, the Maasai, and it’s common practice to see members write their comments and updates in the local language. Some comments in the page are development oriented while some are downright inflammatory. Here are a sample of the comments:

 ‘synovate Kajiado 
GOVERNOR:parantai 5% nkedianye 60% livondo 25% obadiah 10%
WOMEN REP:mary senator 45% emily kiparki 48% others 7%
SENATE:mositet 46% nkeri 51% kinyanjui 7% 
KAJIADO CENTRAL MP:memusi 25% nkaissery 65% nkabashi 5% tutui 5%
.....dont be mad comment with love’

Even with all the politics in the page, this is the winner comment; surprisingly it has the least comments:

As Kenyans continue chest-thumping and foot-stamping in praise of their political leaders who are seeking office to get wealthier, the real issues that matter to us are left unchecked. It is such ignorance that the leaders seeking office are so desperately hoping to win and ride on.
-Fuel Prices were hiked 7 days ago.
-Kenya Power has sent an application to Energy Regulatory Commission to raise our power bills.
-People in Migori have left their homes due to increased cattle rustling.
-In Liboi today, gunmen opened fire killing 7 people in a Mosque. But no, that is not our priority.
Once the elections are done, the tribesmen that we have christened "mtu wetu" will laugh all the way to the bank while we try to "survive" in the next 5 years wondering when the rain started pounding. We will whine about fuel prices, impunity be the executive, power bills, insecurity and much more yet we let our ignorance divide us and misplace our priorities. I will not ask you who to vote for. In fact, if your ignorance makes you sleep, then be it. Like Abraham Lincoln once said; “Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”’

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