Monday, February 3, 2014

One hurt as insecurity rocks Nguruman

By Kelvin Koinet

In the past two days, insecurity has rocked Nguruman area where one person was shot by suspected gangsters on loose.

The suspects allegedly killed two people near Tanzania Kenyan border. The two had escaped from Tanzania and headed to Nguruman.  A brother of one of the deceased communicated from Tanzania and gave full information about the incident. As reported, the two; Noeli and Isaiya Simiyu robbed Gema village in Loliondo Tanzania and escaped towards Nguruman in Kenya through a road that leads to Shompole Market.

Tanzania Police accompanied by civilians were ambushed by the suspects as they tracked them where two were killed. This happened on Wednesday evening around 4:00 Pm the 29th Jan 2014 A day after the Shompole market day. On Friday the two suspects were identified by a guy who sought anonymity for security purposes, and reported to the Laleenok community Rangers, Nguruman AP post and the Administration chiefs. The search began and on Saturday morning the two were caught by the chief with the help of Laleenok rangers, the police and the residents.

On the other side, the government of Tanzania had communicated and asked to be given the 'criminals' from their country. Nguruman residents kept guard of the suspects until they were ensured by the police that they will not escape. At around 7.00 pm the suspects escaped police custody. The chase began again where one was caught at Congo forest where they agreed to meet with his partner. 

The other suspect had arrived earlier to the spot where they hid their gun, picked it and headed to the escarpment. As another search team followed him, he laid in wait and shot one resident in the right hand. He is still being searched but with fear as the Tanzania police said the suspects are trained in gun handling and are known to be sharp shooters.

NCV team will keep you posted on new developments.

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