Thursday, February 6, 2014

Community members bear bus rivalry brunt

Nguruman community members are furious about the operation of two buses plying Nguruman-magadi-kiserian route after the two operators failed to agree on operating hours. The buses have been chasing each other leaving the community members stranded as they are the only means of transport to Magadi. If anybody needs to travel, he/she has to be up at 1:30 am as there is no specified time when the bus will leave.

Intervention by the local administration failed to bear the fruits when they called the two bus operators and drafted a schedule of which the operators discarded and retained their normal schedule. Sometimes by 2:30 am, all the buses have left while in other occasions they even leave earlier.

“We feel annoyed by the conduct of the two bus operators and it our wish that they agree on specific time so we can be sure when to leave our homes to the bus stop”. Said Mr. Mburu, a resident. some people even spend the nights inside the buses to avoid the inconvenience and in fear of being left.

NCV calls upon the relevant authorities to take action and address the issue.

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