Sunday, May 18, 2014

Oil exploration in Olkiramatian faces opposition from the community members

By Maison Nteetu

The National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) sent explorers to Olkiramatian, Shompole, Olkeri and Oldonyonyokie to explore oil in the areas. The National Oil explorers set camps in the area and they have already started their research task.

Despite provision of job opportunities for the community members, the community calls for an end of the research due to many reasons.

The members accused the organization for starting their exploration without explaining the advantages and the disadvantages of the act. The organization should have conducted a civic education before their activities.
Members also claim that according some rumours, the residents were to be displaced 50 kilometres radius from plant. 

This annoyed them since the community claims that the land is becoming too little for them and their next generation.  They also claimed that they are in the boarder and any further relocation means they will lack places to move to.

The conservancy of the area also claims that the research is causing destruction of trees and grass which is the source of food for their livestock and wild animals which act as the main tourist attraction in the area. The noise produced by the machines has also caused migration of wild animals to other areas.

Area MCA Honorable Pariken addressing the meeting held in Laleenok by both the NOCK side and the members of the community. Photo by Maison
The NOCK side promised to give civic education. They also promised to give 4.2 million Kenyan Shillings as compensation for the four areas to divide among themselves.  

The community leaders however, insisted that the exploration should end since the disadvantages are more than advantages.

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